How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels

Written by Davey Newlove Every year we see more and more solar panels installed on rooftops in neighborhoods all over the country. It is undeniable that solar energy is rising in popularity with more people taking advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of  solar. But how do solar panels work exactly? Is it magic? […]

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering

Written by Davey Newlove The solar industry is a complex industry with terminology that not everyone understands.  Here at JSunPV we are here to help you understand the industry and the terms used. One term that customers will hear a lot is “net metering”. But what is net metering? Net metering is the largest benefit […]

What Is the Process Of A Solar Panel Installation?

solar panel installation

Written by Davey Newlove Purchasing a solar panel installation is an exciting process for homeowners. There are many steps in this process to help ensure that homeowners get a safe and reliable installation. After you have chosen your installer, the process of getting the panels installed on your property can fully begin. Let’s take a […]