Step 1


  • Site assessment: Our professionals will virtually view your roof to evaluate your property's suitability for solar panels. Factors like roof orientation, shading, and structural integrity will be assessed.
  • Drone assessment: Certain roofs require more precise data gathering and complex shade evaluation to provide optimal placement and production results. Our FAA licensed drone pilot will accurately photograph roofs and upload data for 3D renderings.
Step 2

Design and System Selection:

    • System design: JSunPV will work in the design of a system that meets your energy needs and takes into account local regulations and requirements.
Step 3

Permitting and Paperwork:

    • Obtain permits: We will help you handle the paperwork needed to acquire permits to install a solar system.
    • Utility Interconnection: We complete the interconnection agreement with your electric utility to officially interconnect your solar power system.
Step 4


    • Solar panel installation: Our professionals will install the solar panels on your roof or on the ground, ensuring they are securely mounted and positioned for maximum sun exposure.
    • Electrical work: Wiring, inverters, and electrical components will be connected to integrate the solar system with your home's electrical system.
    • Inspection: After your system is in place, we'll arrange an inspection with the city. A city representative will visit to verify that the new system complies with local building codes.
Step 5

Switch On:

    • You are ready to enjoy the benefits of solar energy!