About us

Hi there!

I’m Jason, founder of JSunPV. I’ve started this company with one specific mission: to cover all the rooftops of KC with solar panels. Solar Power has been my career path ever since I heard sunlight could be transformed into electricity. I have been directly involved locally for over a decade with professional experience with all jobs in the solar industry. In other words, I am not just the knowledgeable salesperson, I am the “on the roof ” experienced owner.

My motivation for starting a solar company is based around resource conservation. In this fast paced world, finding more sustainable ways to feed our digital present and future has become extremely necessary.

At JSunPV, we are your trusted partners in the journey toward a brighter and more sustainable future. We believe in the potential of solar energy to not only reduce carbon footprint but also to provide our customers with energy independence. JSunPV has been installing Solar & Storage systems in the KC area for over 5 years. Your satisfaction is our top priority. For that reason, we focus on quality over quantity. Therefore, our professional staff invests time to learn and earn the best practices of the industry.

Beyond cost savings, going solar is a step towards a sustainable environmental future. By choosing JSunPV, your investment is guaranteed by top-notch equipment and trained professionals.

Ready to make the switch to solar?