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Electricity use has become an expensive, dirty habit.

Initially most feel an obligation of  gratitude to the utility companies. Because of their initial push to be successful, we are blessed with this comfortable electric world.  However, upon further investigation one sees just how bad it is. The first step is awareness. For an insight into the negative side effects of using coal as an electrical fuel source view this Sierra Club page

Most people are probably unaware of the steady increase in their monthly electric bills. illustrates the average national increase over the last 25 years. Bottom line, Fossil Fuels like coal and natural gass are limited, we will run out. This simple facts of economics explain the increases in price as availability decrease. Buyer beware!

Clean Solar power, the affordable way forward.

An increasing number of your neighbors are making the smart financial decision to own renewable energy generation equipment, panels.  With initial solar investment amounts dropping over 75% in the last five years, today there is a solar pv (photovoltaic) system installed every 90 seconds somewhere in our great nation!  Now is the time. 

Solar panels are a smart investment. Ownership provides great savings. For a limited time the IRS is offering a 30% Federal Tax Credit towards the initial investment amount. Dependent on a few things, installing solar panels provides you the opportunity to eliminate your electricity bill. Nonetheless solar in any amount locks in the lower price of producing your own electricity.


Solar Power for your Electricity Demands

Proven Financial Benefits

Electric prices are rising spontaneously. Hedge against unexpected increases. Solar panels increase property value and add equity to your property.

Work You Can Trust

NABCEP trained system design and installation. You receive confidence in all phases of your project because of nearly a decade in the Solar industry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Industry leading solar equipment. 

Best Value for the Lowest Price. 

25 year solar parts and labor warranty!

25 year solar production guarantee.

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