Below is a third party estimation tool. The information it gathers and presents is a brief example of the details provided during an Expert in Home Solar Consultation with JSUNPV. However, what is missing, is the explanation...the rest of the story. The hours and hours, years and years of research and hands on experience developed in the office and in the field.

The tool is provided to spark interest   and encourage you to up your level of commitment to changing your electrical behaviors. Please, use the tool and experience it. It seems really good about estimating the appropriate kW size for offsetting the entered % of electrical usage. However the pricing is a bit more variable, a bit inflated. Real numbers are influenced by chosen material option and availability options, as well as the human side of the story. 

Please, meet with us to clarify and work out the specifics of what you need to make it happen. It is our pleasure to sit down and show you how it is and what it looks like. The  real expense in the industry directly relates to the number of people in the process. Working with JSUNPV directly cuts the overhead.

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