Solar Energy Benefits

solar energy benefits

Solar energy has become a popular source of renewable energy in the United States. There are many great advantages that homeowners can take advantage of by installing solar panels on their homes. On top of being sustainable, renewable and plentiful, the cost of using solar panels to produce power continues to go down each year.  This decrease in price has made solar energy more and more appealing to more and more families in the United States. Here at JsunPV we want to help you discover the great benefits of solar energy.

Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill

Many people across the country are dealing with electric bills that are expensive and keep getting more and more expensive as utility rates continue to go up. One of the benefits that makes solar energy so appealing is that it can help you significantly reduce your electric bill. Some people can even get a solar system so large that can virtually eliminate their power bills. Instead of sending money to a utility that offers inconsistent rates, invest in solar and replace those rates by making payments on your own source of clean and renewable energy!

Solar Systems Last a Long Time

The lifespan of solar panels has gone up as the technology has improved over the years. Nowadays, the industry standard for the lifetime of a solar panel is 25 to 30 years. Even at the end of that lifespan, the solar panel won’t completely die. Instead, the panel will see a significant decrease in its productivity to far less than what the manufacturer projected. Here at JsunPV we offer a 25-year power production warranty to help ensure that you are getting the most from you solar system.

You Can Power Your Home Responsibly

Nowadays, reducing your carbon footprint is increasingly important as the world deals with climate change. Investing in solar energy can help you make a positive step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Each kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar that is generated helps greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are polluted into the world. Solar doesn’t just help reduce the pollution of gasses such as CO2, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other particle matters, but it also helps reduce water consumption and withdrawal. Choosing to go solar is a responsible decision that will help the longevity of our planet.

Solar is a Reliable Energy Source

Non-renewable sources of energy are limited, which explains why the cost of energy can be high. Every day, the sun will rise and set. When the sun is up, your solar panels will produce energy to help you power your home. As long as the sun exists, you will have access to an unlimited and reliable resource of power. If you pair your solar panel installation with a battery backup system, your home will no longer be susceptible to power outages. This can give you peace of mind that your source of power will never be depleted and that your lights will stay on in a power outage from the grid.

If you feel that going solar is right for you, contact JsunPV today to get started on your project!