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Sunlight = Savings

JSUNPV will perform/preform a thorough, informative home site assessment. We discuss the equipment, process to GO SOLAR, and the benefits available. Use of computer software and financial tools provide an appropriate pv system size as well as accurate numbers to crunch. We will review all the information needed to help you make an informed decision about your solar powered future.

Paperwork is completed, plans ordered, permits completed, approved, stamped, equipment is ordered and delivered. Skilled technicians complete equipment install and system interconnection. The solar transition is completed upon the local utility providing your bi-directional solar meter.

System performance and efficiency are monitored via online monitoring. JSUNPV also provides complimentary annual inspection. Rest assured, we will take care of all the details!

Your Solar Assessment


We will set down and have a breif discussion about your interest and understanding of the soalar industry.

Electrical Usage

A general discovery process to find out actual property kwh usage. Also information about Net Metering.

Site Evaluation

Discussion and tour of property to evaluate best location for your renewable energy system.

Solar Presentation

Explanation of benefits provided by embracing solar. Also discuss fundamentals of functionality system.

Solar PV Design

Online tools used to define system size for desired kwh offset. Visual placement and location of equipment.

Financial Explanation

Analyze the dollars and cents of it all. We will look at investment amount, as well as system production, payoff and ROI.


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