About jSUNpv


With nearly a decade in the solar industry JSUNPV is confident with all  stages of your project.


JSUNPV is grounded by an ethical/environmental commitment to bettering the world.


JSUNPV is hired by YOU. Each activity is focused on the wants and needs of your project.

JSUNPV is an Educationally themed Solar Design and Install company. We are truly a customer service minded operation. No pressure consultative approach to in home sales. We strive for you to love solar as much as we do. As they say, "Solar sells it's self." See your ROI and you will be a believer. For example view this chart on Wikipedia illustrating solar cell price drop.

 Professional connections with multiple product distribution centers nationwide provide maximum system customization either for value or opulence. What does that mean? Simply put, if you want the best economical value for your dollar we can do that. If you want to have the best equipment available we can do that. If you want to unplug from the grid,…we can help you do that too!
JSUNPV wants to earn your business. Let us help you. 


As a token of good faith provided below is a link to a Solar Estimate tool. It will, if used correctly share a fairly accurate estimate of both solar production and investment expense and payback. I do recommend setting with a professional to guarantee  more realistic results and assumptions. However, click below to experiment for yourself.

my pv estimate

...working together to Go Solar