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What Clients Say About Us

JSunPV is a solar installation company that will make you completely satisfied in the decision to go solar. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some testimonials from customers who made the great choice to go with JSunPV! Once you are ready, please feel free to contact us to get started on your project.

Sharon Peterson
He is very informative on explaining everything to you so you understand how solar panels will benefit you. He genuinely cares about saving energy and money for the customer, it's not just a job to him, he believe's in the work he does!
Feb 20 2019
Gary Pixler
From start to finish Jason was there all the way! He is very informative and showed my the various options available to us based on our power usage. We decided on the best out of the three options. I did check with other vendors and Jason came thru on top! What sold me was his kindness and attitude! He didn't act like the others where they treated you more as a number than a person. Give Jason a'll be glad you did! I have been up and running for 2 years now and I have saved thousands on my electric bill. 5 STARS!
Jul 11 2022
Peter Chen
Jason was able to diagnose my inverter problem and have it fixed in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend if you are having troubles with your system or I would even say, installing or maybe improving your system.
Apr 7 2021
Craig Cowley
Very nice experience.... System design and cost structure laid out very professionally. No issues with signoff with power company and system performing very well with immediate cost benefit impact. Performed installation of inverters in an out of the way location in our existing pole barn which was not the easiest option, but completed without issue. Expect Jason will return when internet connectivity is established at the the barn to monitor system performance online.
Oct 21 2020
Great Company!
Working with Jason on our solar tracker and whole house battery project has been great. He's very knowledgeable and has a real passion for his work. Our project was complicated with city approvals, HOA, and Jason was always right there helping get things done and looking for alternative approaches when needed. We are very happy with our system and have already recommended Jason to some of our friends.
Darren Knipp
Oct 19 2020
Great Savings!
I have been so thrilled with our decision to go Solar. The savings I am seeing every month is so worth it. Jason is professional, experienced and walks you through every step of the process. Whether you go stand alone solar or on the roof, Jason helps you determine what is best for you. October Evergy bill was .46 cents! Seriously!!
Barbara Karigan
Oct 19 2020
Great Pricing!
I went through the trouble of getting a bunch of quotes on my solar panel array and Jason's pricing blew everyone out of the water by a wide margin! Everything about the process, from system specification to commissioning, was smooth and painless. Jason is very knowledgeable and was very helpful in filling any gaps in my understanding. He also took any special requirements I came up with in stride (such as where I wanted the wires routed) and executed them perfectly. I cant recommend JSunPV highly enough!
Taylor Block
Oct 19 2020
Save Money!
May 2019 to Feb 2020, ten month period saved $1,574 with solar Aug 2018 $256.59 - Aug 2019 $8.41 with solar Feb 2019 $121.79 - Feb 2020 $30.04 with solar Less sun in winter due to shorter daylight & more cloudy days So far this winter using electric heaters - saved approx. $300 on gas bill
Denny Crist
Feb 14 2020
Lower Electric Bills!
Jason presented us with a good proposal and plan. He got the job done on time. He was able to work with all the utilities and the city of Kansas City, MO so there were no hiccups along the way. Through the summer months into October we had no electricity bills!
Craig Holstedt
Feb 13 2020
Exceeds Expectations!
The system has been performing above my expectations.
Richard Faulkner
Dec 16 2019
Great Experience!
Jason built the system with the features and power capability I desired and was the most cost competitive option. I had a such a good experience with him I have recommended him to my neighbors and friends of which several have gone on to use him too.
Daniel Mattox
Dec 13 2019

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