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JSun PV LLC is a trusted local solar power company in Overland Park, Kansas. Our biggest priority is educating you about the many advantages of switching to solar power in your home or business. Experts in the industry say, “Solar sells itself.” We believe that you’ll see the value of this sustainable energy source once you invest in solar power.

You can turn to JSunPV for all of your solar power needs. We’re a preferred solar energy company in Overland Park, Kansas, because we’re:

  • Experienced-we have nearly a decade of experience in the solar industry.
  • Genuine, we’re committed to providing honest service and being dedicated to ethical energy.
  • Dependable-we’ll be there for you during every phase of your project.

Let’s work together to go solar. Call us now to get a free estimate on solar power services. We’ll show you why investing in solar energy is the best choice for you.

Lower Electric Bills!
Jason presented us with a good proposal and plan. He got the job done on time. He was able to work with all the utilities and the city of Kansas City, MO so there were no hiccups along the way. Through the summer months into October we had no electricity bills!
Craig Holstedt

Investing in the Growing Energy

As a licensed, insured and bonded solar energy contractor, we create solar energy systems that save you money, adds value to your property, while looking great. JSunPV designs and installs residential solar panels in Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding KC Metropolitan area. Reach out to us today to schedule your solar assessment.

Great Experience!
Jason built the system with the features and power capability I desired and was the most cost competitive option. I had a such a good experience with him I have recommended him to my neighbors and friends of which several have gone on to use him too.
Daniel Mattox
Highly Recommended!
Jason was able to diagnose my inverter problem and have it fixed in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend if you are having troubles with your system or I would even say, installing or maybe improving your system.
Peter Chen
A Solar Professional!
He is very informative on explaining everything to you so you understand how solar panels will benefit you. He genuinely cares about saving energy and money for the customer, it's not just a job to him, he believe's in the work he does!
Sharon Peterson
Save Money!
May 2019 to Feb 2020, ten month period saved $1,574 with solar Aug 2018 $256.59 - Aug 2019 $8.41 with solar Feb 2019 $121.79 - Feb 2020 $30.04 with solar Less sun in winter due to shorter daylight & more cloudy days So far this winter using electric heaters - saved approx. $300 on gas bill
Denny Crist

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